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  • 4 major management of excavator

    05 May,21
    1. Fuel management  Different grades of diesel should be selected according to different ambient temperatures; diesel cannot be mixed with impurities, dirt and water, otherwise it will wear the fu...
  • 8 tips for excavator maintenance

    23 Apr,21
    1. When the excavator is stopped, carefully check whether the anchor screws and bearing shell screws are loose, the meshing and lubrication of the gears, and the bearings, power units, control sys...
  • Excavator construction safety tips 10

    12 Apr,21
    1. When the excavator is going uphill, the driving wheel should be behind and the boom should be on top; when the excavator is going downhill, the driving wheel should be in the front and the boom...
  • Why should the excavator change the oil o...

    06 Apr,21
      1. Shelf life:   Over time, performance will be reduced, leading to accelerated wear of mechanical gear components.   2. Performance changes:   The physical and chemical properties of engin...

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