Common problems and how to maintain excavators in winter

Common problems and how to maintain excavators in winter.

1. Battery loss.

Winter is also extremely important for battery maintenance. The safest way is to remove the battery after get off work and store it in a cool, dry place.

2. The number of revolutions is not high.

The low speed is mainly because it is easy to shorten the working life of the planetary gears and the sun gear ring gear in the gearbox without sufficient preheating. The usual preheating is divided into two methods: air preheating and combustion chamber glow plug heating preheating. Before starting the excavator, generally preheat it for 5-10 minutes before starting the excavator.

3. The cooling water is frozen.

This problem can be avoided by draining the cooling water before it is frozen. Run at idling speed before turning off the engine. When the temperature of the cooling water drops below 60°C, turn off the engine and release the water. Put the drained water in a bucket and place it in the cab. It is also possible to add it the next day.