How to make the excavator save oil?

Many owners should be concerned about “What are the tips for the operation of the excavator to help save fuel?”
Because the more fuel is consumed, the cost will increase accordingly, and the profit will naturally decrease.
How can we save some fuel without affecting the work task and protecting the excavator?

Reduce invalid operations in the use of excavators
Since it is an invalid action, the oil used in it is completely wasted.
As far as possible, make excavator movements and construction methods according to the site environment, such as reducing unnecessary rotation.

Reduce engine idling of excavator
Idling also consumes fuel, as oil still enters the hydraulic pump.
The total amount of oil lost during these idling times adds up.
Reduce the occurrence of voltage drop
The excavator has a certain load-bearing capacity, but when the load it carries exceeds its load, the excavator will drop pressure, and the fuel consumption will be more in the state of pressure drop.
Reduce the engine speed when the excavator is walking
The faster the engine rotates, the more fuel the excavator needs to travel.
By reducing the engine speed, the amount of oil lost is reduced accordingly.
Working height of excavator
When the excavator is running at the same height as the truck or slightly higher than the truck, the working efficiency is improved and the fuel consumption is reduced.

The stick reaches 80%
When the bucket cylinder and connecting rod of the excavator and the arm cylinder and the arm are at right angles, the driving force of each cylinder is the largest and the fuel consumption is also the largest.
Therefore, when the excavator starts to dig, do not extend the stick to the maximum range, it is best to start from about 80%.

Working range of stick
The effective working range of the excavator boom and bucket is 30 degrees on the inside of the stick to 45 degrees on the far side. Do not operate to the maximum range.

Trenching starts from both sides
When an excavator digs a trench, it starts with both sides of the trench. In this way, the middle part of the trench is easier to dig, which saves effort and fuel.

The smaller the digging depth, the better the economy
The depth of the excavator’s digging should be segmented as much as possible. If you want to solve it once, the scope is too big.
Moreover, the working efficiency of the excavator will be reduced, and at the same time, it will consume more oil.
I hope the above-mentioned suggestions can bring practical help to every host machine operator-fuel saving! Fuel saving is another way to make money. At the same time, it can better protect the working life of the excavator, why not?

Post time: Apr-22-2020