How to clean the hydraulic system of a small excavator

Cleaning method of hydraulic system of small excavator:

 1. When cleaning the hydraulic system of a small excavator, work hydraulic oil or test oil is often used. It is not recommended to use kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam, or other liquids. Prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipelines, oil tanks and seals.


 2. During the cleaning process, the operation of the hydraulic pump and the heating of the cleaning medium are carried out simultaneously. When the temperature of the cleaning oil is 50-80℃, the rubber residue in the system is easy to come out.


3. When cleaning, non-metallic hammer can be used to continuously tap the oil pipe, which is helpful to remove the attachments in the pipe.


4. the intermittent operation of the hydraulic pump is beneficial to improve the cleaning effect, and the intermittent time is 10-30 minutes.


 5. It is recommended to install a filter or screen on the revolving road to clean the oil circuit. At the beginning of cleaning, there will be more magazines, so you can use an 80 mesh filter, and later, use a 150 mesh filter.


 6. the cleaning time should be determined according to the complexity of the system, the filtration accuracy requirements and the degree of pollution, etc., generally 48-60 hours.


 7. In order to prevent corrosion caused by external moisture, the hydraulic pump should continue to operate at the end of cleaning until the temperature returns to normal.


 8. After cleaning, drain the cleaning oil in the loop.


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