How to maintain the final drive of an excavator

1: Don’t ignore the final drive leak

If hydraulic oil or gear oil starts to leak, you can first determine if dust and sand will enter. This will cause silt and sludge in your oil, and the worn out precision parts will affect the operation of the final drive and reduce the life of the planetary gear and sun gear. So this is your first solution: don’t ignore the leak. Find out the source of the final drive leak and replace the worn seal.


2: Check and replace gear oil

Many final drives have not changed gear oil for a long time. Due to the very serious smell, we often find out immediately after opening the planetary hub. If your gear oil has become sludge or leaks, it will seriously damage your final drive motor and reduce the life of the final drive. The suggested solution is to check the gear oil level every 100 hours of operation or monthly, and then change it at least once a year.


3: Don’t ignore strange sounds or vibrations

If your final drive starts to make strange noises or starts to vibrate, it may mean that one of the bearings in the final drive is about to be damaged. In fact, there may be many potential problems behind noise and vibration. This is why it is important to check the final drive when the operating time of the final drive is different.


Post time: Nov-09-2020