Why does the slewing ring of the excavator have abnormal noise?



First of all, it needs to be clear that when the slewing ring is idling just after leaving the factory, it will make the sound of the steel ball rolling evenly. This is a normal sound; if it is installed soon, it does not matter if there is a small abnormal sound, it will usually disappear automatically after a period of running in. . Therefore, the important content mentioned today is the louder and special sound.


1. The mounting surface is not flat and the mounting bolts are loose.

When abnormal noise occurs, first confirm whether it is an installation operation problem. When the mounting surface is not flat, it will cause the raceway to form a negative gap, which will cause abnormal noise; in addition, when the pinion gear meshes poorly, abnormal noise may also occur, and it will also cause broken teeth. In addition, when the mounting bolt is loose, it will cause rotation When the support is elastically deformed and a negative gap is generated at the deformed position, it is necessary to check immediately and tighten the bolts as required.


2. The slewing bearing has foreign matter.

When there are foreign objects such as sand particles and iron filings inside the slewing bearing, non-periodic vibration will occur, and at the same time, there will be failures of inflexible rotation. When encountering this situation, you need to clean the bearings, shafts, seat holes and matching parts before installation, and remove foreign objects in the lubricant in time; remember to avoid using plastic cages with impure materials or embedded foreign objects, so that they can be removed The corresponding abnormal sound.


3. Abnormal noise caused by grease problems.

Lack of grease in the raceway, uneven grease filling, poor grease quality and aging, incorrect lubricant selection, etc. can also cause abnormal noise in the slewing bearing of the excavator. To solve this problem, you only need to use lubricant, fill it in time, and replace it in time.


4. Abnormal noise caused by damaged sealing strip.

Check whether the sealing strip is worn. Because the structure of the sealing strip of the slewing ring plays a key role in the sealing performance, when the sealing strip and the slewing ring cannot be completely attached, it is easy to cause grease leakage. In addition, the aging resistance and butter resistance of the sealing strip material are also issues that need to be considered.


5. The raceway and rolling elements are severely worn.

The abnormal noise of the excavator during the slewing process is likely to be caused by serious wear of the slewing ring and rolling elements. At this time, the slewing ring needs to be repaired.


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Post time: Dec-29-2020